OTS is a series of jazz and improvised music events in Lexington, KY. The series tries to give a home to artists making music that doesn't fit with commercial sensibilities and to build an environment where artists and audience can interact more directly. It's a very informal undertaking.

Friday, November 04, 2005

review of Festival Quartet show

Another review from Walter Tunis at the Lexington Herald Leader. This one, a review of OTS/Event 058 - Tim Daisy's Festival Quartet performance on Oct.27 at Underlying Themes, ran in the Friday, November 4 edition of the Herald-Leader.


Tim Daisy's Festival Quartet at Underlying Themes:
During the lengthy Victory Suite, Chicago drummer Daisy unveiled an encyclopedia of jazz-related grooves. There was the funereal mood established by tenor sax man Keefe Jackson and cornet player Josh Berman, a feverish riff the drummer cooked up on a cowbell, some playful group cacophony, and a meditative solo showcasing the patient phrasing of bassist Anton Hatwich. No sooner did the reflective feel set in than Daisy shifted the tempo again with the abrupt severity of an alarm clock. Astonishing musicianship, expert band dynamics and a continual sense of surprise -- what more could you want from a jazz show? - Walter Tunis, contributing music critic, Lexington Herald-Leader


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